Rocktron Dream Gig System

Performing live music has changed forever with Rocktron's DreamGig Artist Performance System!

What if there was a way to easily access the lyrics and chords for every song you ever heard? What if all of those songs could also be performed live by you as a solo act, or with your band, anytime you desire? Better still, having the ability to take a request for a song and performing it during the next performance set…and do it all without the use of pen and paper?

Impossible? Not anymore as the Rocktron DreamGig Artist Performance System insures that every musician participating in the performance, whether a solo act or a full band, are on the same page at all times. Using the DreamGig system, with any Windows computer and a simple point and click of a mouse is all you will ever need to learn songs, create set lists and much, much more.

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