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Products - Best of NAMM 2012 - Gear Guruz

Best of NAMM 2012

Overall Winner: Ibanez FRM100TR

Paul Gilbert thrashes and rolls only with the best of instruments. His signature models deliver with a rough and tumble combination of shred playability and warm tone just where he wants it.

Runners Up

A lot of great products came out of NAMM 2012 but only one can be crowned Best Overall. Below are runners-up to the Best Overall category.

1 Porter & Davies BC Gigster
2 Jet City JCA20HV
3 Fishman TriplePlay
4 Sonnus WAHOO
5 Cort X-11
6 Peavey Composite Acoustics
7 Jet City Wedge Amp
8 Carvin Steve Vai Legacy 3 Amp

Category Winners

Electric Guitars Ibanez FRM100TR
Acoustic Guitars Peavey Composite Acoustics
Bass Guitars Cort Guitars Curbow52
Guitar Amplifiers Jet City JCA20HV
Bass Amplifiers SuperBassman
Accessories GHS Multi-Packs
Effects DigiTech iStomp
Audio Eminence EJ1250
Keyboards Alesis Vortex
Drums Premier Iron Maiden
Percussion Z-Stick
Cymbals Sabian Players' Choice Aero Crash
Most Innovative Peavey AT-200
"Don't go to the gig without it" Planet Waves NS Tuner AND Drum Wallet